Let me begin by talking about my first wedding, my most beautiful wedding…yes, if I may say so…I just can’t stop considering it as such since it was my own wedding! 

Michele and I decided to get married in May 2011 and, after getting the proposal, I started creating my wedding project.


I remember that day, the heat of the May sun and the good luck of a definitely hot weather after the rain of the day before…

In the morning, after only a few hours of sleep, I reached the location very early, ready to lead a team of 20 people and prepare the setting for my big day.


I remember that they had to take me away from “my labour camp” to start preparations…! It was so stressful! The furniture truck was late, the light designer slowed down the setting of the tensile structure ceiling and, unfortunately, some guests cancelled their participation at the last minute! I was panic-stricken, but had to prepare myself, since I was the bride!


All was done, but many elements were not as I wanted them….many wrong details… I do not want to bore you with what was fine and what was not that day, which however will remain in my heart as a day full of love and fondness.
The experience of my wedding made me understand the importance of someone who takes care of you and your guests and manages the staff and unforeseen events!

This was the spark that made me want to do this job..

15 (3)

And this is how my first wedding was…

The first choice, the wedding dress…after thousands of searches on the Internet and specialised magazines, I made an appointment at a dressmaker’s shop and, after having driven mad Paola, the owner of the atelier Paola Spose, I saw a pink mermaid dress in a corner…I wanted absolutely to try it, but it was unfinished, only basted. After insisting a bit, Paola let me wear it and I immediately fell in love, not only with the model, but also with the colour! My wedding dress had to be pink!


After this choice, the wedding theme was just a consequence: romantic and with all the shades of pink, but with the addition of crystals and some butterflies as a detail.

The second choice was the location. I wanted a residence surrounded by vegetation and, possibly, with a deconsecrated church. After a long search, I found it. I remember my family when I took them to see the place and they said: “Do you really want to get married here?” Let’s say that the fairfaced, bare and empty church was not successful with them, but I had immediately imagined it the way you’ll see in the picture: a romantic atmosphere, pink lights, candles, tulle and a harp…and the final result was a success.

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The reception took place under a tensile structure furnished with white sofas, pink cushions and crystal chandeliers in the ceiling covered with white sheets.


The gazebo was turned into a pink cloud for the evening and the cut of the wedding cake, rigorously with crystal ribbons and many butterflies that would have flutter on it but, unfortunately, among the other wrong details, the pastry shop “surprised” me with a wedding cake absolutely different from the one I had designed and ordered.


In the evening, all lit up. Pink lights, luminous fittings and crystal chandeliers characterized the after dinner and a little surprise for my husband: a video made for him without his knowing.

In conclusion, although some details were not as I wanted them (and I still get nervous about it – will you ever pardon my pedantry?), I remember that day only with much love!