Many words: “one meaning”.

In this latter period there is much talk about terms such as “sustainability“, “eco-friendly“,
fair trade“, “green” or “organic“. All these terms are interpreted and applied in several fields, products and services of our daily life.

In the wedding field, we talk about eco-chic, boho chic, shabby chic, country weddings and so on. Many ways to interpret the issues of ecology, sustainability and solidarity also in a wedding service or a social event.

One meaning: the possibility to help the planet not to deteriorate or those less fortunate than we are.

Sustainable or better “eco-sensitive”.

The whole process and supplying chain are as much “sustainable” as possible.

In the territory of Piedmont, Langhe, Roero and Liguria, “excellence” is not an abstract term. From the famous crus Barolo and Barbaresco, to the Piedmontese gastronomy and the nature of the territory, renown all over the world, our suppliers have developed strong sensitivity to the issues of sustainability.

We try to respect the environment and promote local economies starting from the organizational stages.

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We love customers who, even in the choices related to events, promote a “sustainable” future. Limiting waste by using recycled materials as much as possible, working with “short chains” and zero km and high quality products that are typical of our territories.

We are the first to try to promote and respect the nature of the territory we live in.   

We prefer the term “eco-sensitive wedding” to “eco-chic wedding”.

But is wedding still chic?

Definitely! The service will be always formal and rich. The share of sobriety, magnificence and/or exclusivity will be decided together with the customers based on their idea and during the whole event we will never jeopardize the level of services, creating exclusive settings and using maximum quality materials.

We can meet both the needs of customers who intend to decline these issues in a stricter way – for instance, with a “vegan wedding” – and those who simply prefer “to give an eco, sustainable or fair trade touch” to one or more stages of the event.

Some suggestions for an eco-sensitive and fair trade wedding.

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Do you want to turn your wedding into an eco-sustainable wedding but still remain chic?

Here is a series of measures and ideas to make the event more sensitive to the environment.

Invitations can be printed on recycled paper, hemp paper or sent by email.

Bonbonnières could be replaced by different forms of charity, i.e. by using items manufactured by associations that employ needy people.

The wedding dress. Vintage is quite fashionable, but if a second-hand dress is excessive, we can count on fashion designers and dressmakers to make wonderful dresses using recycled materials such as paper fibres, or use a fair-trade wedding dress made by prison dressmaker’s workrooms.

The photo shoot: digital only.

The wedding reception must be of a high quality.

However, it can be characterized by vegetarian menus, based on local products or have the possibility to give leftovers to the needy.

As far as the honeymoon is concerned, you can take into account alternative destinations focused on nature and respect for territories. For instance, “glamping”, real luxurious camping sites where contact with nature and comfort are guaranteed.

As a souvenir of your wedding and on each wedding anniversary:

you could plant a tree!